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Word Registration and Pronunciation Symbols (English Voice)

Original article: CeVIO AI ユーザーズガイド ┃ 単語の登録と発音記号(英語ボイス)

You can use the Word Registration function to register the correct pronunciation of the names of people or places that are easy to be mispronounced.

Word Registration

Select "Word Registration" from the "Talk" menu, the right-click menu of the Speech List or by right-clicking while entering a line.

(When multiple language Voices are in use, selecting an English Voice in the Speech List.)

When a whole line is selected from the Speech List, the selected sentence is used as the range for "Spelling"; when entering a line, the words within the range are selected.

Word Registration


Enter the spelling of the word to be registered in half-width alphabet (maximum 100 characters).


Enter the pronunciation symbols of the word (maximum 100 characters).

Use | to separate syllables; use , to separate phonemes within a syllable.

The vowel should be followed by a number indicating stress (0 if omitted).

0: no stress 1: primary stress 2: secondary stress

Continue to register

When it is on, click the "Register" button to move on to the next word. When it is off, registration ends when the button is pressed.

User Dictionary Management

Select "Dictionary Management" from "Talk" menu allows you to edit or delete registered words.

Click on a column heading (Spelling/Reading) to temporarily reorder it.


Edit and Delete Word

Double-click a word to edit.

Selected words can also be edited or deleted from the right-click menu.

The Del key can delete the selected word, and the Enter key can edit the selected word.

Hold down Ctrl or Shift to select multiple words, Ctrl+A to select all words, and then delete all selected words.

Search Word

Narrow the display to words that partially match the spelling or reading of the word.

OR search is used when entering multiple words separated by spaces. Wildcards (* and ?) are allowed to use. For example, Sa* and ?a?ara will match Sasara.

To transfer the user dictionary of registered words to another computer, please go to FAQ.

List of Pronunciation Symbols

The following pronunciation symbols can be used in Word Registration and in Insert Ruby Brackets.

Pronunciation Symbol Note
aa IPA's ɑ, a
ae IPA's æ
ax IPA's ə
axr IPA's ər
ah IPA's ʌ
ao IPA's ɔ, o
aw IPA's ɑʊ, aʊ
ay IPA's ɑɪ, aɪ
b IPA's b
ch IPA's tʃ
d IPA's d
dh IPA's ð
eh IPA's e,ɛ,ɜ
ey IPA's eɪ,ɛɪ,ɜɪ
f IPA's f
g IPA's g
hh IPA's h
ih IPA's ɪ
iy IPA's i
jh IPA's dʒ
k IPA's k
l IPA's l
m IPA's m
n IPA's n
ng IPA's ŋ
ow IPA's ɔʊ,oʊ
oy IPA's ɔɪ, oɪ
p IPA's p
r IPA's r
s IPA's s
sh IPA's ʃ
t IPA's t
th IPA's θ
uh IPA's ʊ
uw IPA's u
v IPA's v
w IPA's w
y IPA's j
z IPA's z
zh IPA's ʒ
tt IPA's flapping t (better, little, etc.)
dd IPA's flapping d (middle, etc.)

Last update: November 23, 2023
Created: November 23, 2023