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System Requirements

Original article: CeVIO AI ユーザーズガイド ┃ 動作環境

Supported OS

Windows 11/10 (64-bit Japanese or English)

* Windows 8.1 is no longer guaranteed due to the end of Microsoft support.


Int../ dual-core processors or higher

* 4 Core or higher Recommended.

* It may occur sound skipping during playback if the processing performance is too low. (Wouldn't affect file output.)


4GB RAM or more

* 8GB RAM or more Recommended

Storage (HDD / SSD)

1GB or more available space (for installation)


1280×720 or above, Full color

About Display Scaling

When Windows display scaling (magnification setting) is set to 150%, the actual resolution of a 1920×1080 screen is 1280×720.

By supporting Per Monitor DPI, this software can be used comfortably even in 4K resolution or multi-monitor environments with different scaling settings.


Each license is for the installation and use on one computer only.

Windows-compatible sound devices are required for audio playback.

The Internet connection is required for activate and update.

Additional licenses may be required for commercial use of this product and synthetic voice.

Last update: November 23, 2023
Created: November 23, 2023